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On all orders.
Free Custom Design
With five-piece minimum order.
We can create designs for your club, company picnic, birthday party, or whatever. It's easy. Just email us the type and color shirt you'd like, your ideas, words, and/or images
to Give us as much detail as you can, and we will come up with one to three roughs for you to choose from or you can make revisions. We must limit revisions to three. If more than three, there will
be additional charges. Once you've approved the design and shirt style, we will have them printed. We require a five-piece minimum order, which can consist of various sizes, styles and colors.
We use
  Cogito $25.00
Cogito (Damselfly) $25.00
Ergo, the rest
Peops $25.00

Kung-Fubar $25.00
Tough Going $25.00
Lady Killer $25.00
Cat Fancy $25.00

Give Cat $25.00
Ignored $25.00
Yabba $25.00
iPirate $25.00
Safety Fist $25.00